Peter O’Shea

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Male Artist of the Year – Finalist
Album of the Year – Paying for the Crowns
Album of the Year – Ribbons Round the Pegs
Instrumental of the Year – The Hanging at the Old Melbourne Gaol

Peter O’Shea and Wayne MongerInstrumental of the Year – The Cranky Caledonian



A veteran of the Australian Celtic Music scene.

He started his career as a full time performer with the Bushwahzee Bushband in 1984 playing all through Victoria and South East Australia, recording three albums and playing many auspicious gigs. In the late 1980’s and inspired by his Gaelic surname and tradition, Peter embraced and was embraced by the local Irish Music scene when he first joined the Liberties Irish band and later “The Celts.” Both bands being amongst the scenes most popular regularly playing 7 gigs and upwards a week. The Celts appeared on Television and radio often, recorded two albums and played all the major folk festivals. The band also played on the bill for the Musical welcome to Nelson Mandela to Melbourne and played supports for Christie Moore at Hamer hall. Also In the early nineties Peter spread his wings and was a much sort after recording and performing session Musician and played with the “Guiness” band a musical venture by the O’Dowd family that toured Tasmania and Flinders island and supported De dannan in Hobart.

In the mid to late nineties Peter became interested in developing the Australian Celtic Music tradition playing with “The Preachers” who appeared regularly on Television, ABC and commercial radio and were a hard working live band also recording three albums and playing all the major folk festivals to extremely enthusiastic reactions.

After nearly two decades of solid weekly playing and family developments Peter moved into teaching and writing. He ran the Celtic Music Ensemble under the auspices of the Institute of education and then later by the Faculty of Music at The University of Melbourne for a decade. Also, Peter was able to spread the joy of Celtic Music and ran classes at “elite” private schools such as St. Kevin’s College Toorak and Scotch College Melbourne. He also set up the Australian Fiddle Music School which launched his teaching on a grand scale and was able to develop and give his students performing opportunities at festivals and also recording.

He continued to develop his writing and teaching and released two books of original Australian Celtic Music tunes.

Peter also formulated and developed an ensemble with mainly classically trained String players “The Melbourne Fiddlers” with Melbourne Youth Music thus developing a teaching method that was able to help Classical players learn to improvise and play in the Celtic Music style. They also recorded three albums.
Peter also won two Golden Fiddle awards for his fiddle exploits.

Recently Peter has released a book of nearly one hundred original Australian Fiddle tunes and has recorded and released three solo albums on Green South records and is currently working on his next recording as it is his intention to record and release annually thus contributing and building the Celtic Music presence. He has a full roster of teaching and has an extremely successful teaching practice.
Apart from Music, Peter has acted in two films concerning Ned Kelly. “Kelly Film” 1980 and played the part of James Reardon in “Ned Kelly” 2002. Currently Peter plays with “The Gathering tide”, “MIC” his own ensembles, “Mac Cullough, Walker O’Shea” to name a few and regularly fills in with many groups.

As a veteran Celtic Musician although he is versatile in a number of styles, Peter feel at home with the Celtic repertoire and will continue to produce and educate until it is his turn to lead a tune in the great session in the sky!