Murphy’s Pigs

Album of the year / Group of the year / Song of the Year / Instrumental of the year / Producer of the year / 2018 Winners / 2018 Finalists
Nominated for

Album of the Year – Live in Concert at The Triffid – Winner
Artist of the Year – Finalist
Group of the Year – Finalist
Instrumental of the Year – Espana Celtica – Finalist
Producer of the Year – John Graham and Mark Smith
Song of the Year – Mo Ghile Mear
Song of the Year – Star of the County Down
Song of the Year – Slainte Mhath
Song of the Year – Mrs McGrath
Song of the Year – Seargent Where’s Mine
Song of the Year – Irish Town
Song of the Year – Bonnie Dundee
Song of the Year – Gypsy Laddie
Song of the Year – The Scarborough



A big band, a big sound and incredibly well-dressed. This is Murphy’s Pigs – the 10-piece, multi-award-winning, Celtic-rock band that the World Health Organisation is warning everyone about. Throw caution to the wind and set forth on a musical journey through the lands of the Celts as Murphy’s Pigs drag you headfirst into their world of rugged mountains, stormy oceans, fearsome battles, unrequited love and a drop or two of the whiskey.