Lissa-Kathe Rummery

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Harpist, Pianist, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Singer-Songwriter

Australian  born Lissa-­‐Kathe, brings  her  Scottish/Irish  &  Germanic  ancestry  alive through her music. Her diverse range of undeniable musical talents, strengthen with every project she endeavours.

With Catalina, her Comet, 36 String Concert Lever Harp, Lissa-­‐Käthe brings her  own  individual  style  and  sound  to  an  ancient  instrument  that  has  soothed us for thousands of years. Her Celtic heritage infuses the music with this echo from long ago, paving the way to new experiences and new expectations of the modern harp and modern Celtic and Folk music.

Compelled to compose her  own  songs  and  tunes  from  her  Celtic/Folk  heritage, Lissa-­‐Kathe draws on experiences of her time in Germany exploring  forests  and  abbeys.  In  Scotland,  the  Hebrides,  the  Callanish (Calanais) Stones, and the wild Shetland Isles.

A highlight of her UK/European tours and performances was an invitation to  perform  her  song  ‘Earth  Spun’  for  the  Tipperary  International  Song  of  Peace awards in Tipperary, Ireland June 5th 2011.

Her 2018 album release ‘Calanais’ is described ‘as one of the best journeys in music I have heard for quite some time’ Steve Sheppard – Producer, One world Music Radio