Gone Molly

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With their eponymous album winning three titles in the Australian Celtic Music Awards 2018, Gone Molly are truly unique folk storytellers. Breathing life into colourful characters and tales imagined and discovered, ‘The Mollies’ will lead you on a journey through the grimy streets of London, over ghostly battlefields and down into the faerie dells of Anglo-Celtic history. Songwriter Sally Harris is joined by Declan-Affley award winner Rebecca Wright and talented multi-instrumentalist Lachlan Baldwin with a repertoire of songs that bring together a love of mythology, mystery, traditional song, tunes and sessions.

Delivered with a joyful energy and a hint of the theatrical, their live performances are not to be missed.

“I do love their eponymous album… and from it this is a cracking song called ‘The Miner’s Way’. Just cop your whack for this!” – Mike Harding (Mike Harding Folk Show, UK)