Colin MacLeod

International Artist of the Year
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International Artist of the Year – Finalist



As a master Celtic fiddle player travelling the world to promote Celtic culture, Colin MacLeod, The Celtic Fiddle Guru, is opening new windows to the potential of music in people’s lives.

Colin started playing the violin in Scotland at the age of 7 and his journey has so far covered five continents including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the United States.

Colin recorded his latest album ‘Cousins From Afar’ in Melbourne, Australia.

The album is the first collaboration between Steve Wade, international songwriter and musician and Colin.

After taking Celtic Fiddle Playing to new inspirational heights in 2017, playing the violin in a plane at 33,000 feet over Mt. Everest and serenading the elephants in the Sumatran jungle with a rendition of Jungle Bells, the present focus is launching his international music business in the USA.

As Colin continues to travel the United States, he has played on both East and West Coast from Richmond, Virginia to a one man show in San Francisco, California.

Colin has now scheduled many performances in Florida, California, Virginia, South Carolina and throughout the US.