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Song of the Year – Scotland Lives In Me



With a best friend by your side, anything is possible. Aussie Scots are best friends, “Will and Ian”, band mates and ex-pats from Scotland who relocated to Australia and with them took their lifelong passion for making music.

Aussie Scots write from a variety of perspectives, “Scotland Lives In Me” is the perfect example of how deep they can get with their lyrical content. The song has already resonated with thousands of ex-pat Scots, both in Australia and overseas, as well as Scots living in Scotland.

With passion and candor, Aussie Scots revel in the freedom of song, their self-expression unmatched in its openness to connect, “Scotland Lives In Me” being a perfect example of this.

Hope you enjoy listening to “Scotland Lives In Me”, one of many contributions from Aussie Scots and we hope it stirs up memories of “Home”.

For other music from them please check out their songs on Spotify under “Aussie Scots” and also their YouTube video channel where you can watch a video which compliments the song “Scotland Lives In Me”.

Here’s Tae Us!”

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