Celtic News July 2019

There is a great deal to include in this month’s Newsletter. We are beginning a new article on the History of Scotland’s forests. I have found this article absolutely fascinating, especially as it relates to a period of climate induced deforestation exacerbated by man’s impact. There is a good news story, though when we get to the third section.

There’s another new column this month – Let’s Go Dancing. So many of you are interested in attending ceilidhs that it seems like a good idea to let you know about them And I have a little more news about the Irish and Celtic Festival in Yass as well. So with no more ado………….

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Celtic News June 2019

I love this edition. It allows me to bring you the flavour of the Festival in pictures. So let’s start with the Parade.

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Celtic News May 2019

It’s all over for another year. The Australian Celtic Festival weekend is inspiring, celebratory, entertaining, educational and exhausting! Congratulations to everybody who worked so hard to make it a reality.

We finally got some rain which might have put a dampener on the whole thing, but somebody must have got the message about “don’t rain on my parade” and the rain stopped three minutes before kick-off on Saturday morning!

It always takes a while to get all the photos in to show you all. I have a couple to add into this month’s edition but you can look forward to the photo edition in June.

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2019 ACMA Winners

Celtic Song of the Year
Ella Roberts for
Elluria’s Lament

Celtic Album of the Year
Celtic Fusion for
The Last Great Love Song

Wendy Watts New Celtic Talent of the Year
Stu Tyrrell

International Artist of the Year
CELTICA Pipes Rock!

Celtic Group of the Year
Gone Molly

Celtic Album Producer of the Year
Anthony and Bernadette O’Neill for Encore
By Saoirse (Sear-Sha)

Celtic Female Artist of the Year
Ella Roberts

Celtic Male Artist of the Year
Pixie Jenkins

Celtic Instrumental of the Year
Mad Kelpie Playdate for Cherokee Shuffle

Australian Celtic Artist of the Year
Ella Roberts

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Celtic News April 2019

With less than a month to go until the Celtic Festival things are hotting up here in Glen Innes. Actually, that is only figuratively speaking. Right on cue, the evenings have turned quite cool in our normal autumn weather pattern. The days are stunningly beautiful, with high, clear blue skies and warm sunshine. Now, if we could just have a little rain………………

There is a special offer from the Australian Standing Stones Management Board, to celebrate the year of Scotland. You can read more about that later in the Newsletter.

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