Celtic News September 2019

It’s been a busy month here in the Northern New England area. One of the nicest things that happened during the month was a call from Al Buchan of fRETfEST, following on from the story about the statue in Ayr. Turns out that Al was born in Ayr and he had quite a story to tell, so I’ve included that in this month’s newsletter.

Tenterfield hosted the Peter Allen Festival last weekend. Of course, that became a bit dicey with the town threatened by bushfires. But the show must go on, and it did, despite power outages and smoke-filled air. Tim Dillon from the Commercial Boutique Hotel, which was one of the focus points of the Festival, tells me that many of their guests on Saturday evening were locals who were really grateful that they could find a place to relax and have somebody else cook their meal after a stressful day. Well done to everybody in Tenterfield, not least our wonderful Fire Crews.

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