Celtic News March 2021

It has been quite a while since I have been able to send you a monthly update on items of interest. Let’s hope this is a sign that we are getting back to a more normal cultural life.

I am writing this introduction on 6th March, the day after the tsunami warning in New Zealand. In my in-box this morning was the information about Medieval Madness from the hard-working Allie Fry who said in her email “Crazy day here with earthquakes, tsunami warnings and evacuations. We are elevated so fed, watered and toileted a lot of extra people today. It was good to be able to help, and no harm done anywhere in the end. Never a dull moment!” All I can say is well done! The information and poster are a bit later in this Newsletter.

Thanks also must go to Alastair Kneale, President of the London Manx Society, for his very interesting article on St Columba. This is of particular interest since we are celebrating Ireland and The Isle of Man at the year’s Celtic Fringe Festival.

I have all the latest on the Australian Celtic Fringe Festival for this Newsletter. In addition, there are several theatrical events, as well as art exhibitions to tell you about. Of course, there is a lot of music as well. I do hope you find lots to see and do after reading this edition. First up, some Gig information.

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