Celtic News February 2020

Wow! We’ve had rain. It is quite amazing to see how quickly it greens up, but I think we’re all a bit cautious and not celebrating too soon. For some of you, it may have been too much of a good thing, with local flooding. It’s a little strange to think that last month we were worrying about fires, most of which are now out, and now we’re awash with water.

There’s a huge amount happening once again this month. Let’s Go Dancing is back for the New Year. There are more profiles of Celtic Festival performers and Australian Celtic Music Awards Nominees.

This month’s Newsletter has a distinctly Irish flavour, which is appropriate given that the Australian Celtic Festival is celebrating the Year of Ireland and The Isle of Man. Information about the Annual Symposium at the Festival has been provided by Nigel Brown.

So with no more ado…………

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